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Digital Security Hub at FIFAfrca22

The Digital Security Hub

The FIFAfrica Digital Security Hub has grown into a key fixture at the Forum. In a world where digital spaces are prone to censorship, surveillance, and privacy breaches, the hub offers a safe haven for individuals and entities to enhance their digital literacy, fortify their online presence, and ensure secure communication. By promoting best practices in digital security, the hub empowers activists, journalists, and organizations to navigate the digital realm confidently, enabling them to exercise their rights without fear of repression or manipulation.

As the internet becomes an increasingly vital tool for information dissemination, activism, and civic engagement, the risks associated with online threats and cyberattacks grow as well. The hub serves as a central resource to equip participants with essential skills and strategies to protect themselves, their organisations, and their causes from digital vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the hub fosters a community of like-minded individuals who collectively work towards a more secure digital environment. This collaborative effort ensures that the internet remains a space where freedom of expression, information access, and advocacy can thrive without compromise. 

The Digital Security Hub at FIFAfrica stands as a shield against the threats that jeopardize the essence of the open and interconnected world we strive to maintain. This year, it includes experts from Access Now, CIPESA, Encrypt, Google, Greenhost,  Defenders Protection Initiative, DigiSec Initiative, and Tor.

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