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The Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa

The Forum unveils a vision for digital rights in Africa through immersive panels, dynamic workshops, and illuminating presentations. In celebrating a decade of the Forum, we will unveil a special edition of the State of Internet Freedom in Africa report, host exciting exhibitions, create unique networking opportunities, and together, chart the way forward for digital rights in sync with Africa’s Digital Transformation Strategy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s Declaration 15


Tanzania outperforms many other African countries in developing locally relevant mobile content and applications, including content in local languages. Tanzania was among the six African countries eligible to join the Open Government Partnership (OGP) at its launch back in 2011.

The FIFAfrica Digital Security Hub has grown into a key fixture at the Forum. In a world where digital spaces are prone to censorship, surveillance, and privacy breaches, the hub offers a safe haven for individuals and entities to enhance their digital literacy, fortify their online presence, and ensure secure communication.

FIFAfrica Objectives

1. Enhance Networking and Collaboration
2. Promote Access To Information
3. Practical Skills and Knowledge Development
4. Showcase Advocacy Efforts
5. Connect Research to Policy Discussions:
6. Strategic Networks


Growing the #InternetFreedomAfrica Community


FIFAfrica focuses solely on internet freedoms and rights and provides a forum for the critical participation of a diverse range of stakeholders.


FIFAfrica recognizes the most significant concerns and difficulties pertaining to internet rights that must be addressed at the national and regional levels.


The diversity of FIFAfrica attendees contributes to the depth of discussions, workshops, and debates.


The recognition the diverse needs, interests, and viewpoints of its stakeholders is one of FIFAfrica’s key tenets.

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